Boom Juice | Team Terrance: Week 1
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Team Terrance: Week 1

Team Terrance: Week 1

Pre Cleanse Eve

We are now here. The day before I start my 21 day cleanse. Lucky for me tomorrow is Thanksgiving so this year more than any other I will be thankful for eating. This is going to be tough, 21 days, three weeks is a lot of time to not do something and only drinking juice and water will be a challenge. The cleanse I am going to try is a combination of a couple of the cleanses you can order here at Boom Juice in Plano. I will drink mainly the juices from the classic cleanse which are Total Package, Complete Meal, Best Citrus Juice Ever, Fashionista, Rock Star, and Salad in a Bottle. When I am thirsty (lol) I will drink water and when I am dying for a snack I will for 21 days reach for juice. Gone are all the little munchies that I adore, carbonated beverages, ice cream, and most importantly food! I think I will learn a lot from this experience about the juices. After these three weeks I will know more about how they taste, how they are different, how they affect me differently and the benefits of doing a cleanse. The main thing for me though is that I hope doing a cleanse can help me lose weight and feel healthier. I am not the lean and trim swimmer that I used to be and I hope that doing this cleanse and working out will help turn this around. It is scary though thinking about it, 21 days! Tomorrow will be a feast like no other, I need to find secret pockets to store macaroni and cheese, apple pie and smoked turkey because once the clock strikes 12 the party will be over and the cleanse will begin.

Day 1

We have made it!! Thanksgiving was a blast I loaded up on all the goodies that I will be missing for three weeks. I am halfway through my first juice Total Package and things are good, this is just the beginning though I am not hungry already and I am not sure if my body has identified that it is eating yet…

Got through the Total Package and the Complete Meal! Now its time for a fun and refreshing Best Citrus Juice Ever. Davio gave me a great tip that I really should drink until I am not hungry anymore and that worked I am not hungry so when doing a cleanse I definitely suggest drinking through the hunger.


Day 2

Day 2!!! It all starts over, here we are. Yesterday went smoothly, I decided that the best way to deal with the hunger was by taking a nap. So after leaving the Body Bar I went home and took a four hour nap surprisingly when I woke up I was not as hungry. A break through moment happened with two of the juices! The Salad in a Bottle which is the last juice in the cycle has carrot, celery, kale, lemon, spinach, garlic, onion, cayenne and sea salt. The salt really sets it off. It gives the juice a very dinner like taste. Jessica said it tastes like a Bloody Mary and it does. I also had a break through with the Fashionista which has beets, carrots and orange juice. Whenever I have tried this juice before I only would taste the beets and the carrots, no OJ. Yesterday I finally tasted the OJ so today I have that to look forward to. Making sure I stay full has helped not feel hungry. This morning I have had half a Salad in a Bottle, half a Fashionista, most of a Rockstar, and I cannot forget my special treat a whole cup of our cold pressed pineapple juice… YUMMY!!!

It is now close to five thirty and here is where it begins to get difficult. Everywhere I turn there is food being advertised, restaurants, their signs, I smell hamburgers, French fries and sometimes it is not even about being hungry but the habit. Davio said it would happen but I think I miss chewing. How I would love to just dive into a steak, some Rudy’s chicken or a made hot Krispy Kreme donut. All those foods sound great but for now it is time for another Fashionista. Bon appétit.


Day 3

It is football Sunday and we are starting over on day three. Day 2 I got lucky and received two treats that really made it a lot easier. A glass of pineapple juice and a bottle of watermelon, both were delicious. I find that I am not hungry, my stomach is not growling and I do not feel famished but I do miss food. I miss chewing, I miss the crunch. While I drive I get wafts from all the restaurants and I can taste the smells. They are calling me but surprisingly it has not been hard to just rely on the fact that I feel full and I do not need to eat.

Today, juice wise so far I have drank the Total Package and the Complete Meal. That is the hardest part of the day so it should be downhill from here. It should be nice (I am hoping) to watch football without wings, French fries and all the other wonderful snacks. I know what the results are if I don’t change my habits so this change is welcomed.

The physical changes on day three are apparent in some areas but not in every area just yet. I have been told that I am looking slimmer however I don’t know if people just being nice to me since they don’t want to kill my enthusiasm. I weighed myself last night and I weighed 210 so I am hoping it only goes down from here. Also a month or two ago I was having a problems with gout and I was told by my doctors and nurses that it is diet related. With use of the medicine my symptoms were not as severe however I was aware of my hurt toe. Last night I checked and it seems to be a lot better.

What you put into things is usually what you get out of them and the same goes for these juice cleanses. Now on day three having only drank juice for three days the boom blasters have arrived and they are real. Jessica said that when people describe them she thinks it has to be tied to the horrible diets that they had prior to starting their cleanse. I definitely had a horrible diet prior to this cleanse so I guess I am going to embrace the blasters as progress.


Day 4

It all starts over today and only 17 left. I think I am close to the place Jessica and Davio tell me about where it begins to get easier. I am not completely over food yet, but I am close. As far as the juices go I started today with something new, the Green Goddess. Like its name this drink is very green it has celery, cucumber, romaine, parsley, lemon and ginger. It is not bad like some of our other drinks with ginger you get that distinct kick at the end. However unlike the Rockstar (spinach, pineapple and ginger) or the Best Citrus Juice Ever (grapefruit, orange, lemon, cayenne and ginger) this drink is mixed with only vegetables and ginger and not fruits with ginger.

One of the things that I am noticing through the cleanse is that I do enjoy the vegetable drinks more. When Jessica first started experimenting with the Norwalk I was able to taste a lot of the drinks she was making and I always preferred the fruitier tasting drinks over the ones that tasted like vegetables. It took me a long time to even be able to stand the taste of the ginger. Now I don’t mind the ginger at all and even enjoy some of the veggie drinks like Salad in a Bottle.

Yesterday I was successful in making it through a day of watching football with people. I was concerned how being in that environment was going to impact my ability to not nibble on some of the goodies that were all around. I figured in order to keep myself from being miserable the best thing to do was let my inner fat kid enjoy watching others eat all the treats I am missing out on. That probably was a bad idea, chicken tenders with barbeque sauce, mozzarella sticks double dunked in both ranch and marinara everything looked and smelled so good. So from now on I will just sit in the back and sip on my juice.


Day 5

Its day five and the cleanse is starting to settle in and things are settling down. It is 9:30 and I have only had one of the juices so far and I have been awake since 6. During my normal routine I usually do not eat breakfast, I may have a mid morning snack after I have arrived at work and begun my day. Doing the cleanse really has not forced me to change that. I figured that I would constantly be hungry and craving nutrients, especially in the morning. People who have not done a Boom Juice Cleanse also point out that they were always hungry. I don’t feel that hungry and I feel that it is because of the way we do our juicing.

Using the Norwalk Juicer and the cold press process we squeeze all of the nutrient dense juice out of the fruits and vegetables without the cellulose. This is the best way to take the juice out of fruits and vegetables but also in some cases cold pressing does not yield a lot of juice. For instance in the Rockstar (spinach, pineapple and ginger) there are 2.5 pounds of spinach, a whole pineapple and a quarter pound of ginger. If I were going to eat two pounds of spinach it may take me a good portion of the afternoon, as juice five good gulps and it is gone and with the pineapple and ginger I don’t even realize I am eating that much spinach. This is not the same with all vegetables celery and cucumbers for instance are very juicy but some of your leafier greens it takes a lot of them to get very little juice. The Salad in a Bottle (carrot, celery, kale, lemon, spinach, garlic, onion, cayenne and sea salt) has 5 pounds of vegetables so after drinking one of those I do feel full.

I am realizing that a lot of this is mental; my brain will tell me to keep eating because it looks delicious, smells amazing, and tastes great despite the fact that I am full. As I move through the cleanse I am more and more able to feel content with just being full. I was talking to Jessica about this and she gave the example of a couple going to the movies getting a huge tub of popcorn (with free refills) and a large drink by the end of the movie they are done with both but are still hungry. Despite all of that eating they did not get any nutrients from what they ate, they have butter all over their faces, hands and clothes but are still asking what to eat next. I will drink a 16 bottle of juice and feel great because of all the nutrients I received from what I drank. It took a while for me to believe that this would work. I was captain of the skeptic committee when it came to the effects of doing this cleanse (which is one of the reasons why I am doing it)

The mental stuff is hard though because my brain has no problems rationalizing eating for the sake of eating. “Food is there to be enjoyed” or “so what if your full” are things that are constantly rattling around but as I move through the cleanse it gets easier to ignore the voices. The toughest part now is figuring out what to do with all this new found free time I used to devote to eating, the hunt for food, or just hanging out in restaurants and bars.

I am not sure how noticeable the physical effects are at this moment. I am going to weigh myself when I get home to see if staying away from all the foods that I love is starting to work. My pants may feel a little loser but they may have always felt lose. The goal is to get out of XL shirts and back to just L. I was a large for as long as I can remember and I had to move up because my clothes just did not fit right. Getting back into some of my other clothes will be nice; I have some good holiday sweaters to bring out.


Day 6

Day six is here I am moving my way through the cleanse, I cannot believe that tomorrow is day seven and I am a third of the way through. It is 10 am and already I have had two juices the Best Citrus Juice Ever and a Salad in a Bottle. Today I am going to try and drink more water, I think my water intake has come to a standstill and that is not good. Davio said that I should try to drink the normal days recommended amount which we all know is 8 cups that are 8 ounces. The Mayo Clinic and Web MD’s websites both say that this is not scientifically proven but I think it is a good start. So I went to Tom Thumb grabbed a bottle of water and slammed it down. I know this may sound kooky or obvious but I always thought that drinking fluids was drinking and once it is past your lips (unless it is alcohol) it pretty much does the same thing. As a kid playing sports or playing outside I had those times when I thought I was just so thirsty and drank so much water that I felt like I was going to pop. I was full but I could still eat I just felt a little uncomfortable because I chugged three glasses of water or drank from the fountain too long. The water feels like it is just there and not doing much. When I drink these juices I don’t feel that way. When I am done with a juice it does not feel like a steak dinner but it does not feel like I have downed too much water. It’s a hard concept to explain, I told you before it might sound a bit kooky.

Every day as I move through this cleanse I am feeling more and more comfortable with my choice to start. It has been a lot easier than I expected. I assumed that by this time I would be famished looking to sneak in a potato chip or a French fry while no one is looking. If you have read this far you know I have constantly battled telling my greedy, inner fat kid to calm down and as I move through this process. It is always fun to day dream about different foods that I love but no more so than it was when I was not doing a cleanse. I know a lot of people who have diets that are restrictive for one reason or another and they seem to do just fine, feel full and have adjusted to the new norm. I would hate to call this cleanse a norm because the day that it ends I will feast like no other steaks, French fries, mac and cheese will all be on the menu. For now though and the next 15 days it will be my norm and it shouldn’t be too bad. For all of you thinking about trying a Boom Juice cleanse I don’t think it will be bad for you either and I do think you will feel full.

Day 7

Day 7! Wow already a third of the way through just two more weeks and I will be done with the kick off to a new healthier Terrance. Yesterday started off well I was drinking my juice I added more water and at first everything was good. Then on the way home after 48 oz of water all at once I just felt stomach curling hunger. I don’t know if the water washed my stomach clean of the juice but it was bad. I was driving and all my juice was in the trunk. I could not just open a new one so I just rode it out and eventually I was home and able to grab dinner, Salad in a Bottle.

One of our customers did a 3 day Detox cleanse and she said she lost six pounds the first day. Listening to her I was like really, I wonder how much I have lost having done at that time 4 days of cleansing. Last night after the stomach curling hunger episode I thought that would be the best time to hop on the scale. I did and I lost only five pounds since day 2. That is a good start down now to 205. I have not done anything to make myself lose more so I am not complaining. The lady who was doing the cleanse also did five days in a row of pilates. I think being active is going to make the difference so this week is going to be the week where I put the slipper socks on and try a pilates class at the Body Bar.


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