Boom Juice | Team Terrance: Week 2
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Team Terrance: Week 2

Team Terrance: Week 2

Day 8

If you missed week one, you can catch up here. It’s week two and I feel that I can do this with no problem, it has become my diet and that’s good. Yesterday I was even tempted with my arch nemesis of tempting foods, McDonalds French fries. I had to go pick up some food for people and I was able to get the food without sneaking a fry or even just tasting a spec of the salt. I think that is an accomplishment. I remember the year I gave up French fries for Lent and that seemed like it was the worst idea ever.
Now when I dream about food it is just a memory of a delicious thing, I do miss the chewing but for now this will do. I was talking to a lady this morning who has done a number of cleanses and she said that towards the end she just missed eating. She was getting jealous of all who ate, from her husband at dinner to the dog and his bowl so she decided she has done enough and began to eat again.
I hope when I go back to eating I just don’t fall back into the same trap of fried foods for breakfast lunch and dinner, so many of those fried foods are on the top of the list of things that I miss most. Everything in moderation I guess, there is no reason to have hash browns for breakfast and then eat French fries with lunch and dinner. I cannot believe that it has been a week. Day one I felt so drained I didn’t even know what to do; I was so hungry, I slept just to distract myself, now here I am on day 8.


Day 9


12 Days left and I am lucky that I am still able to blog about this cleanse. Yesterday the unthinkable happened, I ran out of juice. When I left the juice bar I grabbed what I thought was going to be an afternoon’s and evening’s worth of juice and it was not enough. That was the perfect opportunity for the devil to sneak in with the temptations. “Oh, you are hungry and don’t have your fancy juice, well didn’t you notice Terrance, that your favorite catfish place is down the street? What about the Chinese food place across the street, or the Ruffel’s Original in the vending machine down the hall.” I got in my car, drove away from the catfish and eventually started thinking about going to Chicken Express. I was going to get one chicken tender cut it into a hundred pieces and with a silver tooth pick savor every delicious bite while having tea with the Mad Hatter. At least in my mind that is how it was going to go down if I had tried to eat I would be like the little kid in the corner with crumbs all over his face that says he did not have any cookies or bite my finger.

I made it through, I was able to get over the hump with a bottle of water and going to bed. Sleep has always been a good go to when I have wanted to snack. This experience definitely let me know that I always need to have juice with me and always more than enough. Jessica says sometimes she gives people the advice to even take a juice from the next day if they are unsure that they will run out, there is nothing worse than running out of juice.

On the physical side more and more people are commenting that they can see that the cleanse is working. They say they can see it in my face and my skin. I always kind of chuckle when people say that my skin is glowing, but that may be true – even my barber made that comment. I did not jump on the scale yesterday or today but I think I am still hovering around 205. I am not as concerned with my weight on the scale as I am with my clothes fitting better. I am not yet able to get into those large tee shirts without my potbelly showing but it’s only day 9.


Days 10 and 11


It’s Monday morning, I was going to try and write the day ten post before I went to sleep but that did not happen. I woke up this morning with the word processor up and just day ten on the screen. Through this cleanse I have been going to bed a lot earlier, I never realized I was so addicted to all the foods that are so bad for our bodies. It used to seem logical to go pick up a bag of Lay’s Original and eat the whole bag. I’m still working on this, but it will take time, the cleanse will be great because I know it will reset my taste buds and those addictive foods won’t taste as good. My junk-food snacking habit has me tempted by little small things that I could gobble up and no one would know like a little string of turkey or maybe a small piece of broccoli covered in Hunan sauce, but I am getting so close there is no way I will mess it up now. I will be healthy! Today is day 11!!! Officially more than halfway through. This is a good feeling.
I now see the point and purpose of a long cleanse like this one. The cleansing part is just step one. You drink the juice, giving your digestive system a break and allowing all the old stuff you never properly digested to get pushed along, then around day 5 (for me it was a little later) the boom blasters begin to stop. You can achieve similar results with a water fast where you just drink water however you are not getting any nutrients. That is why people on water diets feel so tired and famished.

On a Boom Juice cleanse your body is not processing fiber, that energy and those nutrients can be used to repair your cells which is the start of step 2. The cold pressed process removes all the fiber from the juice so it is processed like water, but your body can grab all the nutrients out of the juice. With no fiber the juice can then get to work within fifteen minutes, but the second that I take in some fiber my body has to go back to processing food. That is the reason I don’t have a mid fast island where I will just eat my fill and go back to juicing. There is no pause only restart. As much as I would enjoy to chomp down on a steak, it would take forever for me to get back to where I am now.
We did have some good news yesterday; I wore some pants to church that I could not wear last winter and probably the winter before. I remember the last time I could not get the button to go through. Yesterday without having to hold it in or do any of the other tricks they fastened! People could notice that I have been losing weight. This was the first time I had been to church since I began the cleanse so there were a lot of questions, some funny looks but for the most part the response was good.


Day 12

9 days left, what a journey! Today has been a good day, like all filled with temptation. Just sitting at home doing laundry I just began to feel hungry and I started to question it all, mainly thinking “Terrance, you haven’t lost any weight your clothes may fit better but that could be all in your head. Its not proof unless you can prove it on the scale” so I was torn, I could quickly go ruin the cleanse, line up the buffet eat until I fall asleep, wake up and begin where I left off. I then decided that I might as well see what the scale says, if I am still at 205 then this is my destiny. Call me Terrance Klump and get me a place around the table. If not maybe it isn’t in my head and I am losing weight. Well the scale said 200!!! It is moving in the right direction.  I was just my heaviest, seeing 215 and 220 on the scale not too long ago.
I regret not weighing myself right after Thanksgiving dinner. I was trying to watch football and scarf down all the favorites and simply forgot. I now know you lose the most in the first week where the inflammation and bloat go away, so even if I lost only 2 pounds that makes 12 which is not bad especially since I haven’t started working out. Tomorrow that ends, the workouts begin tomorrow.


Day 13

Only 8 days left, wow! It seems like I just started and now the end is near. I have been thinking about what I should do after the cleanse to make sure that I don’t just gain back the weight that I lost. Speaking with Jessica and reading around online, many of the experts seem to agree that starting off with light foods is the best way to reintroduce food into my diet. Jessica suggests eating the Boom Juice chia seed pudding last before starting and when ending a cleanse. The chia seed pudding makes sense, the seeds are spongy,high in antioxidants, and shown to absorb loose toxins, so to prepare for a cleanse with that sounds logical. It makes for a clear bright line where the cleanse begins and ends. It begins and ends with the chia seed pudding. I started my cleanse kind of on the fly, it was Thanksgiving I went out with some friends and at midnight I stopped eating. I did not even have juices with me I woke up hungry and stayed hungry for a good while. Davio called and asked how the cleanse was going and if I was hungry and that is when he reminded me to drink juice if I get hungry. Whenever you’re hungry drink a juice, whenever you’re thirsty drink water, and do not let yourself get hungry. It’s your body’s way of asking for more nutrients, a few sips of juice and the hunger is gone.

One of the web sites I have looked at suggested fruit bowls, fermented foods, and salads to be the breakfast, lunch and dinner after the cleanse. One site says to wait until day 5 to introduce meat. DAY 5! On my top ten most anticipated foods list there are only two non meats (French fries and Potato Chips) and at least a few of those were on the menu for the break-the-fast fest. Now as I am getting closer to eating again I am thinking more and more about listening to these suggestions and maybe even trying to more permanently fix some of the problems with my diet. I am not sure which route to go, pretty much any change will be a good one.


Day 14

Seven days left, I cannot believe Thanksgiving was two weeks ago. Well sadly today I have a confession, I was at a holiday party, a little salsa got on my finger and I instinctively licked it off. I did not scoop out a handful just a little bit dripped while closing a to go container and I did not chew anything. Not too bad – there were so many foods at that party that looked good. I definitely don’t feel as tempted by foods as I used to be. If this party was the first Thursday into my cleanse that might have been a little tougher. I have a great support group around me so that makes it a lot easier. Being able to ask Jessica and Davio questions about what I can expect has been helpful and they both were at that party last night. Davio jokingly told the people there to tease me with food, they all laughed but no one did.

Before the party I spent the whole day watching TV just drinking juice and I was fine. I lined up five empties while catching up on Homeland. I did not feel like I was missing out not crunching on chips or any other typical TV snacks. After a while just drinking juice becomes part of the routine and not too bad at all. What is a lot harder is not to fall in love with the smells of foods. It does not even have to be foods that I loved but their smells can be so rich that it is hard to ignore. One day I think it was day 12 I was in a restaurant and someone ordered a dish with grilled onions and they smelled so good! I have never really been a huge fan of grilled onions but on this cleanse grilled onions remind me of everything that I love about food.


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