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Freshly squeezed juice tastes so much better than the store-bought kind, and there’s a reason for that! When you drink the juice of a raw fruits or vegetables – right after it’s been extracted, you’re filling your body with living enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients. Our bodies are alive. They can tell the difference between a living juice and one that has been sitting on a shelf containing preservatives and additives. It tastes different because it is different. Nearly ALL store-bought juices (Yes, even the green, healthy looking ones) are pasteurized, which kills all the nutrients and enzymes. It helps the store minimize waste because the products last longer – but it doesn’t do your body good.

Our bodies are like sponges, ready to happily absorb all the goodies included in raw fruits and vegetables – especially in the form of easily digestible juice! When you juice, your digestion improves, you rest better at night, have a healthier bowel, and think more clearly; some even insist their eyesight is better. Without these living, healing nutrients in your juice, you’re just drinking a flavor.


When juice is pasteurized, it is heated to a high temperature for a short period of time. Pasteurization destroys bacteria, molds, and unwanted micro-organisms, that might be lurking in the juice. Pasteurization also prolongs shelf-life, making it a much more cost-efficient product.   But what happens to those lovely raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes?

Gone baby.  All gone.  What you’re left with is mostly sugar – that’s right, the pasteurized juice with a prolonged shelf-life is about as nutritious as gummy worms.

Raw Juices:

Natural juices contain all the vitamins, minerals, fluids, enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll (with no toxic additives) found in raw vegetables – thereby helping the body by:

Promoting growth and development
Assisting with digestion
Providing energy
Protecting against oxidation
Renewing cells
Enriching Blood

But “hey, raw fruit juices can be so sweet too!” you say? How is that healthy? It’s fructose – the kind of sugar that is found naturally in fruit and vegetables, is fine in moderation when consumed R-A-W. This is because the live enzymes and nutrients that go with the naturally occurring fructose, offer the body much needed nourishment, and even help the body to break down and assimilate itself, all the while, nourishing the body.

Fruit and vegetables juices, that are freshly pressed, are quite possibly one of the most hydrating, nourishing and healing drinks you can consume.

Fresh juice should ideally be consumed on an empty stomach, without solid food.  This infuses the body and tissues with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.  Because it is lacking fiber, it requires minimal digestion– leaving you with a burst of energy!

We always recommend juicing organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.