Boom Juice | New Year: BETTER YOU
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optimizing your health for life


New Year, New You: you’ve heard it before, instead of trying to change the beautiful person you are, let’s focus on growing into the best you.



You rang in the New Year with a bang, and now you wake up January 1, with the ringing in your ears, a bloated tummy, puffy eyes, dull dehydrated skin and an overall “blah” feeling.  Not exactly the way to start the best year of your life, is it?! NOPE!



In our first post of 2015, we’ll cover some simple, easy ways to detox your body, bring clarity to your mind, boost your energy and get you ready to take on the new year with confidence (and glowing skin!).



This time of year, we are bombarded with quick fix fads, pills and gimmicks that promise us supermodel derrières in a New York minute. The truth is, true health starts from within. That’s why they say “she radiates” – that glow comes from within. While not necessarily a “quick fix” the steps to radiant health are simple: maximize your nutrient intake, with clean, organic, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, giving your body the fuel it needs to heal.



Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.



The easiest way to do nourish your body on a cellular level, is with high quality, 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juices.  Cellulose free juices take a mere 15 minutes for your body to digest and assimilate, making them the easiest way to maximize your nutrient intake.  When’s the last time you sat down and ate 2 1/2 lbs of spinach in one sitting? Probably never, but with cold-pressed juice cleanse, it’s not only easy, it can be downright tasty to do so! If you’re a regular juicer, you already know and crave the benefits of a cleanse.



Not ready to jump into a diet of juice alone? Embracing a raw vegan diet for a few days – or weeks – will help purify your body.  The idea is to consume organic plant foods, that have not been heated above 110 degrees, to keep all the benefits of the living enzymes. In addition to consuming raw plants, you should avoid soy, sugar, grains & legumes (even sprouted). Raw does not mean you’re doomed to a diet of dressing-free salad alone. For ideas, look to our menu, or check out our boards on Pinterest.



The next step, is to incorporate more of the nutrient dense super foods. We only have so much time in a day to eat, why not get the most bang for the buck, and go with nutrient rich foods. Whether it’s grabbing a couple of juices a day, consuming fewer animal products, reaching for an apple instead of vending machine granola bar, or just opting out of dessert or that third glass of wine at dinner. Your body will feel amazing, and will start to CRAVE more and more of the good (like kale salads & green juices), without even missing old habits.



Up the ante on your detox – engage in gentle exercises, like a walk, Pilates, yoga, and even meditation. These movements energize, improve flexibility, and strengthen your core, without over-exhausting your body. Increased circulation boosts lymph drainage – allowing the toxins to be released from your body. Additional options to aid your detox include dry brushing, massage, colonics, and saunas.



Let’s not underestimate the value of sleep here either – your body repairs itself while at rest, making those restorative ZZZs essential to any good cleanse. Avoid TVs, and computers before bed, try a relaxing lavender bath, or calming chamomile tea before bed. A quick spritz of lavender essential oil on a pillow does wonders as well.



Grab a buddy – it’s easier to stick to your goal when you have a built-in support system. Be it a partner, group of like-minded friends, or friendly office challenge, having someone to share your triumphs and trials with makes the journey to your healthiest self more enjoyable! Boom Juice even offers Buddy Cleanses to make it easier for you to stick with it (the group rate discount is pretty awesome too). Host a pre-cleanse motivation boosting party – even if it’s a party of one, and check out documentaries like Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change.