Boom Juice | Team Terrance: Week 3
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Team Terrance: Week 3

Team Terrance: Week 3

Day 15

Week three – if you missed the earlier posts you can get week one here, and week two here.

Has anyone ever had a dream that seemed so real that you really had to go back and double check that it was just a dream? Well I had a dream last night that was like that. I was out with some friends then all of a sudden a plate arrived and as soon as I took my first bite, I woke up. I looked around for a few minutes and tried to remember what I did last night to make sure that I did not eat. I was happy though that even in my dreams I knew I was not supposed to be eating. I kept wondering when my first food dream was going to happen. I thought it would be like the part in Charlotte’s Web where Templeton is running around the closed Fair calling it a smorgasborg or I could have seen me walking through Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory being the kid who jumps in the chocolate river. Neither one of those eat til you pop scenarios happened instead it was an innocent steak and potatoes at a normal restaurant and I did not even let myself enjoy it and finish. Jessica and Davio said it would get here the point where I can’t see why more people have not done this and I think that I can go forever, that point has come. I definitely encourage everyone reading this to do a cleanse I feel great, have plenty of energy, and it is helping me begin the task of addressing some of the issues with my weight.

Day 16

Five days left, still drinking juice. Today has been a tough one. I am safely away from food now but earlier I thought I was going to crack. “Terrance you have done good enough, 16 days that’s incredible so treat yourself to a little fried chicken it won’t hurt” then it moved to tacos, or French fries and that was just on the way to a birthday dinner. Lucky for me they did not end up eating much, someone ordered some sushi and was it. The sushi she ordered though looked amazing. I am not even the biggest fan of sushi but in the middle of a cleanse everything looks great.

All that talk about hitting the smooth stage and cruising to the finish line but today has been a real trial. At least I know it is all in my head, I am not curling over with hunger, fainting or doing any of the things that would make me think it is time to eat something. I am just telling myself no. That is a process and I it is not always pretty moving through it. Hopefully I will be able to keep these habits going. My problem is not candy, pastries, and desserts. My problem is unhealthy meal choices and doing that for many meals in a row. I have already told you guys about the days with fried potatoes at every meal or eating just because I am bored. Those are two habits during this cleanse I have been able to break and would like to keep around once I am eating again.


Day 17

Four days left and I have some good news. Today I am wearing one of those large tee shirts and it did not look too bad. I guess it is good that I did not cheat because the results are continuing to show themselves. I feel healthier and I have plenty of energy. Some people have asked about caffeine and if I have needed coffee or anything and honestly I haven’t. I have never been one of those people who has to have coffee every morning. I will get a cup if it is available and mornings where I am off to a late start or when I did not get enough sleep a cup of coffee helps but that is rare. During the cleanse I have not had one of those mornings where I stayed out too late but just normal day to day I have not needed coffee. I don’t feel sluggish around work and I think I have been in a good mood. I do have my moments when people want to keep offering me food and on the 4th decline I have to be sterner but that is it.

I have to prepare myself because today is Sunday and on Sunday’s after church it is time to watch football. This is the last Sunday of my cleanse and the previous Sunday was easier than the one before so I am hoping today is easier than last week. The hardest part about watching football games is the commercials, all the devilish tricks that can be used to temp people without smell and touch they use in these commercials. From juicy burgers and steaks to satisfied faces as people chomp down on different things the commercials will really entice you. I have always heard that watching TV is terrible if you are on a diet but I had never really noticed. I knew fast food restaurants had commercials and occasionally you would see a Baby Back Ribs commercial but I did not think it was a big of a deal until I started this cleanse. Now all I see is food when I watch TV. This was the first time I have ever really tried a diet. Before I have always tried to regulate my weight through working out and I figured that when I really want to begin to lose weight I would start working out again. Now I am hoping I can do both. I always thought adjusting my diet was going to be harder now that I know I can do it hopefully with a little discipline it can get done.

Day 18

Three days left!! Yesterday was my last football Sunday while cleansing. I hope I learned something. These events are getting a lot easier. I just roll around with the juice and never let myself get too hungry. I find that most people look at me like I am crazy at first but once they try the juices they understand I am not torturing myself. After I have a couple (Boom Juices) and I am not hungry it is no problem to say no and not eat.

I have been trying to search around on line for different support groups and information about cleansing and eating healthy with mixed results. One of the clients here at Body Bar was telling me about which is a website that discusses juicing, healthy living etc. They have all these support groups and they have a group that is doing a 21 day cleanse between the holidays. Perfect, a group that is doing what I am doing same time period and everything. Reading through the notes they have posted on the groups wall they are going through the same things that I am going through. It is really weird but drinking juice and not eating has become a habit and since I am seeing results that makes it a lot easier to keep it rolling.

Today was also a good day because I just took my first pilates class at Body BarI was kind of nervous because one of the ladies was telling me how when she took her husband he couldn’t walk for three weeks and he thought it was going to be easy etc. I tried to pace myself so I would not hurt myself. The class I took is called Jump and it uses a machine called the Allergo 2 Reformer. What is cool about the machine is that you are able to lay on your back and push off a wall that you put up in the machine. You do straddle jumps, tuck jumps, and just regular parallel jumps. You also do other kinds of stretching with the springs and using the slide features of the Reformer. I made it through it got tough in the middle but the time flew by. I hope I can make it out tomorrow for another class.


Day 19

Two days left! Wow it is really getting close these three weeks have flown by. It seems like just yesterday that it was Thanksgiving and I was nervous and anxious about doing this cleanse. Now that it is almost over it was not so bad. There were dark moments when I really just wanted to eat but you get through those. Sometimes I had to drink another drink other times I took naps but mostly it was just reminding myself that I am not hungry so there is no reason to eat.

I was talking with my mother about this and we both agreed that for us eating and hunger are sometimes not related. We can eat because food is available and lucky for us Americans food is everywhere. Every street corner, most of the signs on the highway, and many TV commercials are all trying to sell us food. I notice it more because I am not eating so it all looks very good. Those Arby’s commercials where they are showing off their new sandwiches have looked so good to me while I am on this cleanse. For the first time ever I am really excited about going and trying something from Arby’s. That is just one example but during every commercial where there is food I get drawn in and think I would love to eat that. Being on the cleanse and knowing that it is temporary has made it easy to resist the urge to not eat. I am hoping I can continue to do that after the cleanse realize that I am full and not just eat to eat.

Lastly, today I got back on the scale and I was at 197!!!! Broke 200, I was hoping that this would happen and it did. Now it is a lot easier to not eat knowing that it is working and the weight is coming off. The pilates yesterday helped. I am really starting to feel it in my legs.


Day 20

Today and Tomorrow are the only days left in this cleanse!! I cannot believe it. I have made it to the end and cannot believe that it is already here. I was talking to my mom yesterday about it and she is going to do a cleanse. A couple of you who have been reading with me have also said that you are going to do a cleanse. That is so awesome, and I know you will be successful and make it through too. The thing about doing a three or a five day cleanse is that you do see results. You do not have to do a 21 day cleanse to begin to notice how much better you feel. Davio and Jessica have a friend who lost 60 pounds over the course of 6 months just doing a 3 day cleanse every week. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday he would do a cleanse then the rest of the week he would eat normally.

Being a skeptic and not really sure what to expect I was kind of unsure about attributing the changes in those early days to the cleanse. Around day 4 I started to notice that the gout in my toe was pretty much gone I knew that it was because of the cleanse. Change on the scale was because of the cleanse so when I first dropped five pounds I knew it was working. It was around that time that my pants started not fitting and people started saying they could tell in my face that I was losing weight. If they were just trying to make me feel good, that worked and it was just what I needed early in the process. Now I just have to keep it up, stick with working out and eating better.

Day 21

The last day of the cleanse! Wow 21 days without eating and it will be over in 5 hours. I have decided that I am going to gradually introduce foods starting with chia seed pudding and avocados. That chia seed pudding is going to be so good! Jessica suggested starting with mono meals then gradually starting to add more complex combinations. In addition to the pudding and avocados I will try to eat other fruits and steamed vegetables. Maybe after breakfast I will go by Papadeaux and get some of their broccolini however, once I am in there, I would probably have a mono meal of fried catfish too and that is a bad idea.

I have kind of been trying to prepare myself to think better about my food choices. There is no reason to say that I will never have chicken tenders, pizza or apple pie again because this week I will probably have all three. There is also no reason to go without breakfast and for lunch and dinner choose unhealthy options. I was talking with Davio about possibly going paleo again. That is the diet he has been on for years. Jessica has taken it one step farther and now she is planet paleo which means no meat. If I did choose this diet I would have to have a cheat day where I can have Texas Toast, my mother’s snack mix, French fries and all the other breaded goodies. Paleo is a good diet because I can still have bacon, steaks, vegetables and fruits. I have had some great meals with a steak, an avocado, and a salad and I did not feel like I was missing out not having the potatoes or a dinner roll. I would also have to become a better cook. It would be impossible for me to eat steaks and avocados every day so I might need to learn to do more than heat until golden brown.

Well it is the next morning midnight has come and gone. Great news, I did the final weigh in and it came in at 194. In total I have lost 17 pounds from day 2. The problem now is me. I had all these lofty goals of eating chia seed pudding, mangos and the mono meals. To make a long story short after I got off the scale I did have a mono meal but it was not satisfying and I just feel dirty right now. I don’t think French fries count as a mono meal. I feel so let down. This whole cleanse I was looking forward to eating, because everything looked and smelled so good. The memories of some of these foods will have to suffice. I remember French fries tasting better than they did this time. As I was going to sleep I could feel the lump of French fries in my chest and as time went on I could feel the lump descend slowly. Now 8 hours later it is hovering above my belly button.

Now I know I need to eat better day in and day out. It will be really easy to fall back into my old habits and end up with the old results. Lucky for me at the moment French fries are unappealing and surprisingly the juices feel safe.

I want to thank all of you who read this blog following my experience. It really means a lot that you took your time to read this. I hope it helps anyone who has not done a cleanse before but thinks they can benefit from one. I was able to see the benefits after the first couple of days and I am confident that you will have similar results. Thank you again!