Boom Juice | 7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays
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7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

You made your resolution to live a cleaner healthier life, and by now you’ve finally got it figured out – you’ve cut out gluten, skip sugar, and have not cut down on (if not completely removed) animal products. You feel like a superstar and your body is full of energy.
and here comes Santa Clause, bringing with him sugar plums, gum drops and cookies galore
You manage to navigate your way through holiday treat samples at the grocery store and pretend to nibble at the office party, and only ate the food you brought to the ugly christmas sweater soirée.
And then you’re around your family again… where it’s an endless buffet of those low nutrient high calorie foods you loved and found comfort in as a child. Not to mention the copious amounts of alcohol consumed to cope with the endless attempts to “fix” your life choices.
Do you opt for the 80/20 rule – which let’s face it, is more like 20/80 this time of year – diving right in to the super sized spread only to spend the rest of the day melting into the couch in a groggy food coma? Or try to start new food traditions with healthier options without insulting great aunt Edna?
It took nearly a year to get your health on track to the best you yet, no need to let one day throw you off.
The day is meant to be spent with those you love, enjoying each others’ company.  It can be just as stressful on family to have you constantly asking about the sugar in the sauce, or beef broth in the “vegetarian” soup as it is on you.  Take it from me, no one ever needs to know you’re “being healthy” this holiday season.
Hydration is key to ensure your organs work properly, detoxifying your body. Start the day with a liter of water, and continue to drink throughout the day, whenever you remember.
     Plan ahead – pack healthy snacks, and your favorite green juice to maximize your nutrient intake – make sure you bring enough to share, the point is not to sneak off and eat, but enjoy time with family – so share that nourishing fave food of yours
  1. MOVE
A brisk walk around the block with the family dog, a game of tag with the nephews, a friendly hula-hoop competition, or extra steps up and down the stairs, all help get blood flowing and oxygen circulating throughout your body. If you can manage a 20-minute post meal digestion aiding walk, even better. If your meal is late, you can use it as an excuse to check out the holiday lights.
It’s harder to make sensible food choices when drinking, especially when your liver starts crying out for help processing it. That cheese platter starts looking good to even the most lactose-intolerant of us when our stomach is in need of a protective barrier. Alcohol is also incredibly dehydrating – remember #1? HYDRATE. If you choose to drink, gracefully accept the first one you’re offered – and sip slowly, or hold off until the “BIG MEAL.”
Traveling often throws daily routines off, maybe you won’t be able to hit up your favorite pilates class, or will miss run club, but you will be able to squeeze in a quick workout – dips off your bed, single leg lunges, squats, push ups, or if you’re feeling motivated, burpees! All can be done ANYWHERE. Maybe you won’t have access to any of the amazing health food stores that have become your “regular” stores and the guy at the counter has never even heard of e3live is or goji berries. That’s okay, he’s sure to have avocado, asparagus, cabbage, pineapple, sweet potatoes and/or cauliflower – all on the clean 15 list should he not carry organic.
Be it from your BFF, BAE, or favorite Pinterest clean living inspirational board, keep reminding yourself of your goals and all your hard work to get there.
  1. RELAX
Take a breather – be it at your destination, or post travel, find some “me time” to take a few deep breaths, and be proud of yourself for going with the flow and doing the best you could in the situation. If you dug into foods you don’t normally consume, don’t stress about it, keep right on moving along your path towards optimal health. If you’re stuck in traffic, or your flight is delayed, again, accept that it is out of your control, and take that as a cue from life to “slow down” and be mindful of yourself. Is your forehead wrinkled up? Are your the corners of your mouth turned down? Laugh at the situation, and feel a sense of ease come over you.
Use this as your guide, don’t stress over how “good” you do – but focus on what matters. Be with your family, enjoy this time with them.