Boom Juice | Freshness you can count on
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Freshness you can count on

We make the best juice on the planet. Seriously. We use the freshest organic produce. We use the Norwalk hydraulic press. And we keep it fresh & raw. We can’t control how raw produce ages once juiced, sometimes it goes off quicker. If ever you feel this is the case, let us know ASAP so we can inform our farmers! We are here to serve you, our super juicers, the best juice on the planet!


There’s a new-ish technology that’s sweeping the juicing wold, called High Pressure Pascalization/Processing (HPP). It uses pressure to extend the shelf life up to 90 days. Why don’t we use HPP? Bc it’s not fresh! See FDA regulation 21 CFR 101.95 here. HPP turns what could have been good quality juice into traditional processed juices. Certainly would be far better for our bottom line – but that’s not what we are about! We use truly fresh high quality organic produce to make highly perishable juices. That’s a good thing!

the longer the shelf life, the shorter your life