Boom Juice | A Juicer’s Survival Guide
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A Juicer’s Survival Guide


We advise juicers to prepare their bodies for fasting by spending a couple of days ahead of time eating lightly: salads, vegetables, fruits, raw foods.  The cleaner the eating prior to the cleanse, the easier the detoxification process.  Avoid processed foods, sugars, grains and dairy in that these are all inflammatory and cause a build up of mucous.


Cold Pressing & Enzymes:

Unlike other juicing, cold pressing keeps the enzymes intact. Enzymes perform a wide variety of jobs in the body, from speeding digestion to releasing energy so the heart can pump and the lungs can expand and contract. Enzymes also “clean house” – the enzyme trypsin is used in medical treatments to clear out debris and dead tissues from wounds.


Because our juices are not pasteurized or HPP’d (high pressure pascalization), they are full of the highly potent enzymes that make juices so healthy. Cold pressed juices are the only ones approved in Gerson Therapy.


Juicing Tips:

relax, take an epsom salt bath
light exercise to increase circulation
steam shower to perspire and wash out toxins
exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores while detoxing
massage & body brushing to increase circulation
check in with your body regularly, go with the flow and rest or run if it feels right
drink plenty of water
end the cleanse with light clean foods: salads, fruits, vegetables and raw foods


take away frood from a sick man's stomach and you have begun, not to starve the sick man, but the disease - E.H. Dewey, M.D.

“Cheating” on a Cleanse:

we strongly recommend following the cleanse for optimum benefits and results, however if you find yourself in dire need of food, try these hunger curbers: organic vegetable broth, raw organic celery stick, raw organic almond milk, raw organic cucumber slices, raw organic apple slices

if caffeine withdrawal is causing severe headaches and/or fatigue, try adding our cold-brew coffee or our cold-brew latte to your cleanse.

What to Expect: 

the infamous “hangry” peaks around day 3, by the end of day 5 juicers feel invigorated, light, streamlined and ready to take on the world.  until you hit the juicer’s high: fatigue, moodiness, weakness, light headedness, insomnia,  skin breakouts, irritability are among the more common symptoms of detox. If you have a recurrent health issue (ie. eczema, acne, sinus issues), be warned it may get worse before it gets better.after the initial detox, juicers feel lighter, slimmer, again “streamlined” and clear headed. bloating and fatigue are gone,  the mind and body are performing at their optimal levels.


Ending a Cleanse: 

we highly recommend ending a cleanse with clean foods, such as raw fruits & vegetables, salads or our raw foods. keep the foods as ‘close to the sun’ as possible – the further they are from how they are found living under the sun, the less nutrients they possess. we specially formulated our raw foods to contain as many nutrients as possible, to make the transition from a cleanse to a [cleaner] standard diet easier.


cleanses are a great way to keep your body fine tuned. most of our juicers schedule monthly ‘maintenance’ cleanses for 3 days once a month.  others prefer seasonal 5-10 day cleanses, with a 1 day cleanse before events and/or parties.  listen to your body, and do what feels best for you.